Saturday, August 4, 2007

Color Pic 4

Price : Free
File size : 663 Kb
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Color Pic is the best color grabber and easy to use. I would say that Color Pic is practical graphic software for a busy designer. This design software, works on the top of your desktop PC window, in front of any other active application which runs in the same time.

It has 16 chips to view your most recent picked color and you can label your color chips collection in a palette tool which placed on the top.

There are 5 tools that you need to know to have optimized benefit of Color Pic.
You can hide and show them by clicking small blue arrow icon toggle panel next to each tool

These tools are:

1. Palettes
With this tool, you can label each color collections that you have in color chips. As a designer, I rely on this because I can manage my designs which have different theme style and of course they will have different color composition for the layout. Having the hexadecimal color typed in my text editor and not be able to quick understand which color would that is are the reason for me to install Color Pic in my PC. I just need to choose one of my Palettes collections which saved before by clicking New button. Palette name can be renamed by clicking Edit button, and you can always Delete a Palette if you feel that you won’t need it anymore.

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2. Chips

This tool enables you to save 16 kinds of colors that you use the most which fits to each palette. Click one of the empty chips to start grabbing a certain color, then move your cursor around to find match color to save and press Ctrl + G to grab. Click keys F1, F2, …….to select color chips.

3. Color
Color tool provides you a preview of the color you clicked on Chips tool, and there are two options of color code; these are Decimal Color and Hex Color. Click copy button, and you can paste the color code to any clipboard..

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Paste this to any graphic software, (Photoshop) color picker tool and you will get full color accuracy that you want for your design.

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4. Mixer

There are 4 types of mixer panels. You can find them on left side of Color Pic by tabs. You can decide to use one of them depends to your familiarity to mix color. Each color mixer system has special tools and equipped with user friendly interface. Click one of the color chips to modify it, and set the new value of color system for different result by dragging cursor tip. The color systems that used in the Mixer Tools are RGB and CMYB.

Hex color Mixer
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Rainbow Color Mixer
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Hue Color Mixer
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Sliders Color Mixer
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5. Magnify

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With magnify tool, you can Zoom in maximum to x36 of image or anywhere on desktop area to grab color. Set the Point for your convenient picker cursor tip size and check Hi-Lite to show or hide the tip. There is an option to change color of the tip so you can easily viewing the tip when you drag it in dark or bright color. Check Grid to show in magnification area for more accurate color. Remember that this tool only work in empty or new chip box. Drag the tip cursor, and press Ctrl + G to grab color.

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