Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blogspot Design Showcase - Part 2

Are you looking for Blogspot graphic design showcase carnivals? I came up with three blog resources. These blogs are offering different kind of stuff. You're going to love their design freebies and excellent articles :).
One of them is actually featured by request. If your design blog is in Blogger Blogspot platform, and you want it to be featured as well, you can contact me by email at:

Chill out :D and let me present you the Blogspot Design Showcase - Part 2

box 313

Blogspot Design Showcase - Part 2

Claudio Madella is the author of Box 313. A graphic designer and illustrator from Milano, Italy. His design is almost urbanist in style and brings the sense of modern look. Box 313 is also his portfolio gallery, sort of design projects collections are available to download in PDF files.
Join Box 313 BlogCatalog neighborhood now!


Blogspot Design Showcase - Part 2

She is :
a web junkie and want to share things that I like with you. Just check it! She hopes you can enjoy..:]

As an art Student, I see her freebies as extraordinary pieces of art. She made cool icons set and pattern to download for free.
Visit her gallery at deviantART to find out more about her design creation.
You can join her community at Consonant BlogCatalog neighborhood.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

Blogspot Design Showcase - Part 2

The first post was in October 2005, so it is obvious that this blog has been there for a quite periode of time. Frequently updates and maintained by Jeff Fisher, the author of Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands. He has received over 575 regional, national and international design awards for his logo design efforts. His work is featured in nearly 100 books about logos, the business of design, and small business marketing.
You can find huge links and articles resources about logo design in this blog.
Check out Jeff Fisher's BlogCatalog profile to join the blog neighborhood.

Do you know any other Blogspot Design Showcase that I can visit to? or you simply want your graphic design blog topic to be featured also in Graphic Identity blog. Please feel free to comment, or email me at

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  1. I usually use the guide tool to help me do some layout for my designs. I have never used the guide tool to hep me do art work like in the basic isometrics example. I am pretty stoked to do the tutorial
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